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Harvest Pointe dental is a family dentistry practice located in southeast Edmonton on Ellerslie road and 50th street. We provide all general dentistry services as well as braces and Invisalign and strive to provide our family of patients a stress-free dental visit. Our focus is on educating our patients on their oral health and treating them so they have a healthy and beautiful smile.

Cavity Treatment – Edmonton South – Dental Fillings 
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We understand visits to the dentist can be stressful at times and not always the most comfortable, however, we do our best to ensure your visit is as comfortable as possible. We provide services to the communities of south Edmonton including walker lakes, summer side, Beaumont and Charlesworth.

When it comes to general dentistry one of the most procedures we do is a filling. If you’re feeling sensitivity, or pain we highly suggest coming in for a visit. Often times cavities form, and aren’t able to be seen by the naked eye, thus an x-ray is needed to expose the cavity in a hidden area. Once we diagnose this, we are able to restore your tooth to being healthy with a filling. Our dentists always focus to make our patients feel as comfortable as possible during any procedure and educate them on all treatments being done. Our dental technology allows us to show our patients before and after images so they are able to see exactly what has been done during their treatment.

What is a filling?

Ever wonder what it means to have a cavity, or you’ve been told you need a filling?

Basically, a cavity occurs when an area of your tooth gets decayed. This happens when certain bacteria’s and unwanted bugs stick to your teeth and damages the area it’s in contact with. It starts releasing acids which slowly start damaging and demineralizing your tooth. If a cavity has formed, visit your dentist who will remove the decayed area of your tooth, removing all bacteria and unwanted affected tissue. Once it is all removed, it will be filled with a material very similar to the structure of your tooth so you can go about your day relieving you of pain or sensitivity you may be experiencing. This procedure is called a filling. It is very important to get checked up because if a cavity left untreated can continuously decay your tooth and ultimately lead to a more serious concern such as a root canal or extraction of the tooth.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if I need a filling?

If you are feeling pain or sensitivity in your tooth we suggest you come in and visit our dentists. We highly suggest always getting a dental checkup once a year, and regular visits to your hygienist will help avoid any cavities and detect any dental problems.

Why do I have a cavity?

Well, unfortunately, it isn’t always as easy as brushing your teeth twice a day. Every individual has different factors affecting how easy it is for them to get cavities such as diet, genetics and even the amount of saliva they produce. This is why we highly suggest you visit your Edmonton dentist and dental hygienist regularly for your cleaning and check-up appointments.

What is the difference between composite and amalgam fillings?

Amalgam fillings are a mixture of different elements and is a metal filling. They are long lasting, however, your dentist would have to remove more tooth structure than just the decayed material. This is because amalgam doesn’t bond to your tooth, and your dentist would need to create an area deep enough for the filling to sit in securely. Amalgam is not as commonly used anymore due to the aesthetics of composite.

Composite is now more commonly used by dentists, and a big attraction point is that it is tooth coloured making it more aesthetically pleasing compared to the silver amalgam fillings. It is made of plastic and glass and your Edmonton dentist will need to drill less tooth structure compared to amalgam because the composite is able to bond to your teeth.

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